Real Ales at the Queens Head Pub

The Crispin is currently serving the following Real Ales:

<% real_ales = ReadFile("C:\INETPUB\queenshead\content\real-ales.txt") tokens = split(real_ales,vbCrLf) for i = lbound(tokens) to ubound(tokens) -1 real_ale = split(tokens(i),"~") if real_ale(0) <> "" then %> <% end if next %>
BreweryBeerType of AleABVDescription
<%=real_ale(0)%><%=real_ale(1)%><%=real_ale(2)%><%=real_ale(3)%> %<%=real_ale(4)%>

We endeavour to keep this page up to date as much as possible but please allow for delays during peak service times